La Maison du Carat is a brand dedicated to creating classic and contemporary jewellery designs, providing a wide range of high quality jewellery, with utmost precision and affordability.

Incredible craftsmanship, stunning designs, and unrivalled quality, make La Maison du Carat’s jewellery a great choice for both daily wear and a glamorous look. We are continuously designing and looking for new features to implement into our jewellery.

Most of the pendants from our current collection feature the unique and innovative "Twinkling Setting", a patented setting technique that brings even more life and brilliance to its Gemstones.

Our jewellery can be worn as a good luck charm, a talisman or just something accompanying you through your day. Beautifully crafted with such brilliance, you’ll never want to take it off.

Classic and modern, simple and magnificent, elegant and fun looking are all but a few ways we try and make our jewellery exciting.


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